Water Heating

The Big Magic Thermodynamic Box

The Big Magic Thermodynamic Box combines our innovative Solar Assisted Water Heater technology with an A rated, KIWA approved stainless steel cylinder to create our first ever thermodynamic water heating system.

The Big Magic Thermodynamic Box is the all in one solution to your domestic water heating requirements. Enabling us to offer a complete range of Solar Assisted Water Heaters with either our 130L(34gallons) or 200L(52gallons) or 300L(79gallons) units, suitable for every installation. The water heating and storage system has been MCS tested and utilizes our already proven technologies.

Relying on the same thermodynamic principles as our existing Solar Assisted Water Heater range, the Big Magic Thermodynamic Box transfers this energy to water within its cylinder to efficiently and cost effectively handle the water heating needs for use in your home or business.

Thermodynamic Panels

The Globus™ Thermodynamic collector is lightweight, double inflated, EN ISO 9806:2013 accredited, aluminium solar collector that provides the best possible platform for both the Little Magic Thermodynamic Box III, IV and the Big Magic Thermodynamic Box to deliver supreme efficiency.

Skyline5 Closed Loop System

The Skyline System5 closed loop freeze proof system includes a special state-of-the-art PV powered pump with no moving parts. It uses a high-efficiency 80 gallon Rheem® heat exchanger storage tank with a back-up electrical element.

Finally, a Solar Water Heating System that:
• Has an attractive skylight look.
• Is available in 24 optional architectural colors.
• Is light weight and easy to install.
• Is a cost-effective and practical investment.
• Produces a safe ROI of from 12% to over 30%.
• Adds value to your home.

Islander Open Loop System

The “Islander” Solar Water Heater features a 100% “Run By The Sun” design utilizing high quality “Skyline” 10-01 collectors that are made in the USA. They are very lightweight, architecturally attractive, high performance, SRCC OG-100 Rated, easy to install and are tested to withstand winds over 150 MPH.

  • Each 10-01 collector includes 4 –1 1⁄2” Mounting Ell brackets, 8 color-coded screws to attach mounting ells and 4 washers.
  • Two or more collectors include compression union body for each additional stacked collector.
  • Trim Colors, Standard: Dove (medium) Gray (CO109), or free option – Musket Brown, (CO101) plus 25 optional colors.
  • Optional Tilt Kits – aluminum rail, legs and feet tilt collectors approximately 18 degrees, or as specified, from existing roof angle.


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