Value-Added Services

At Endepo, we pride ourselves with helping you with value-added services. We work with all our partners to connect and network solutions that benefit all our partners and their customers.

Engineering & Design

Endepo’s large network of engineers and engineering companies would like to provide value-added services to you and your customers.  These firms are very flexible and are willing to look at all your engineering needs for solar and other renewable energy systems.

If you are looking for storage system designs, off-grid system engineering, hybrid systems, or hot water systems then Endepo’s network brings value to you.

Project Support

From oversight to complete project management, Endepo’s valued partners offer services that allow you to know that your projects are being completed on time and on budget as well as troubleshooting and handling any issues that arise.


Financing is in Endepo’s DNA. Our vast network of project financing partners offer options unlike those available from other distribution companies. Because we started our venture in the utility-scale project world where financing is critical, we bring these relationships to you and your customers.

To Access our Corporate Purchasing Account Application just click on the link below:


Operations & Maintenance

Endepo provides O&M (operations and maintenance) services directly and through our partner network. If you want to provide your customers panel cleaning, maintenance contracts or extend warranties, Endepo’s team can assist you with these profit augmenting services.

Construction Management

If you are looking for that final peace of mind that comes with having your advocate on the project and watching over your investment, Endepo’s valued partners can help. We have partnered with some of the greatest architects, EPC’s, Construction Management Firms and Construction Management Consultants to give you that added comfort for those difficult, complex and very large projects.

Logistical Resources

Endepo has a worldwide logistics team, handling all shipping, customs and delivery resources. Most of our pricing includes delivery to your project site or warehouse. We ship daily to over 13 countries, allow us to work with you and your team to save you money.